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TFO-Y-PG Grafit Folie pyrolytisch

TFO-V-PG consists of pure pyrolytic graphite. Due to the synthetic structure it shows highly anisotropic heat spreading conductivities in-plane (x-y-plane) and in through direction (z-direction). Its flexibility allows for a good compliance to the contact surfaces. Thus the total thermal resistance is minimised. Their low densities make them ideal for applications where low weight is required. The very high temperature resistance allows for the use in extreme hot environments. Due to its high flexibility it is very bending-resistant and mechanically stable. It can be used for curved surfaces and corners because its thermal conductivity will remain unchanged in the absence of sharp folds. The film can be configurated with phase change coating on both sides.


  • Maximum contact through good surface compliance and high flexibility
  • Very low weight
  • Silicone-free
  • Very high temperature resistance
  • EMI-shielding through high electrical conductivity
  • Ultra low water absorption


  • Sheet 203 x 355 mm (40 μm)
    Sheet 152 x 355 mm (70 / 100 μm)
    or on demand
  • Roll 203 mm x 25 m (min.) (40 μm)
    Roll 152 mm x 25 m (min.) (70 / 100 μm)
  • Non tacky (TFO-VXXX-PG)
  • Tacky (TFO-VXXX-PG-A1)
  • Phase change (TPC-VXXX-PG-CB)
  • Die cut parts


Thermal link of:

  • CPUs to heat sinks
  • Laser diodes
  • TEC modules

For use in high end computers / Analyzers / Photonics / Heat Pipe Assemblies


MaterialPyrolytisches GrafitPyrolytisches GrafitPyrolytisches Grafit
UL Flammability (Equivalent)UL 94V0V0V0
RoHS Conformity2015 / 863 / EUYesYesYes
Resistances1 @ 150 PSI°C-inch²/W0.0350.0370.038
Resistances1 @ 30 PSI°C-inch²/W0.1900.1980.206
Resistance2 @ 10 PSI @ Thickness°C-inch²/W0.3150.3310.343
Thermal Conductivity (Z Direction)W/mK678
Thermal Conductivity (X-Y Direction)W/mK1,4501,4001,350
Operating Temperature Range°C- 250 bis + 500- 250 bis + 500- 250 bis + 500
Electrical ConductivityS/cm14,00014,00014,000