Optimal Thermal Management:
With individually combinable Heat Pipe Modules


In notebooks, surveillance systems, in airplanes, LED lamps, cameras and medical equipment, heat pipes are widely used and often an essential component of thermal management. This is because they transport heat from the point of origin to the heat sink – many times faster than copper conductors with the same dimensions. HALA’s Heat Pipe Modules can be individually combined and thus optimally adapted to any application.

Heat Pipe Modules from HALA

In order to meet different requirements, HALA offers two different versions of the 2-phase modules: tubular heat pipes with round, square or flattened cross-sections and planar heat pipes (vapor chambers), optionally with a closed structure or a copper base. Tubular heat pipes act as heat dissipaters, while planar heat pipes act as heat spreaders.
All designs are copper-water heat pipes that use water as the fluid working medium. They are robust and temperature cycle resistant, with no derating due to aging. The operating range is from 20 up to 150 °C.

Customized Thermal Management System from Heat Pipes

Heat pipes can be combined with other components for heat transfer, such as extruded heat sinks, die-cast heat sinks, fin-stack heat sinks, or skive heat sinks. Heat transfer materials thermally bond the heat pipes to the heat sinks. This creates a thermal management system that can be individually tuned for each application.

Key figures and further information on the Heat Pipe modules can be found here:
HALA Heat Pipe Systems

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