PRODUCT OF THE MONTH – April 2024: TGF-NSS-NS, Silicone-free Gap-Filler Pads

Today I present to you an incredible material called TGF-NSS-NS that is rewriting the rules of the game for thermalmangement in the electronics industry!

What’s so special about TGF-NSS-NS? Well, this gapfiller material is not only silicone-free, but also extremely conductive, which means that even large gaps, whether due to height differences in electronic components or tolerances, are no problem.

But that’s not all – thanks to the unique formulation and filling of the material with ceramic powder, it achieves an impressive thermalconductivity of 2.5 W/mK! But the best is yet to come: even at very low pressure, TGF-NSS-NS adapts perfectly thanks to its extraordinary softness and conformability, thus minimizing the overall thermal transfer resistance.

With its natural adhesion, the material is easy to pre-apply and even dampens vibrations – a true all-rounder! And the best thing about it? It is ideal for automotive applications, notebooks, medicaltechnology and industrialcomputers.
So, if you’re looking for a technological innovation that will take your electronics to the next level, then TGF-NSS-NS is definitely worth a look!

Curious? Then request more information right away at +49 7021 73141 79

All details about TGF-NSS-NS can be found here.


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