Product of the Month: August 2022

Since #HeatPipes are flexible to a certain extent, they can easily be bent to manifold 3D shapes to fit into complex spaces of applications or their housings and make decentral cooling possible. In addition, they can be manufactured as flattened heat pipes for applications where narrow spaces play a major role and allowing a direct flat contact between heat pipe and heat sources or heat sink and fin stacks.

  • Industrial applications (e.g. server, 5G telecom, high-performance processors, graphic cards, gaming, IoT products, camera systems, high-performance LEDs)
  • Power supply and power electronics (e.g. voltage converters, power supplies and power modules)
  • Defense, military and aerospace
  • Automotive (e.g. LED headlights, bus bars, switches, powertrain, batteries for e-vehicles, infotainment, e-mobility).

…are only a part of the possible fields of application.

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