PRODUCT OF THE MONTH – January 2024 TGF-MUS-SI Gap filler

TGF-MUS-SI is an electrically insulating, thermally conductive silicone gapfiller that plays a pivotal role in addressing the challenges of thermalmanagement,❗️especially in applications with substantial gaps due to tolerances or varying stack-up heights. This silicone elastomer, uniquely formulated with ceramic particles, offers an impressive thermal conductivity, effectively minimizing overall thermal resistance.

What sets TGF-MUS-SI apart is its exceptional softness and flexibility, enabling seamless adaptation to irregular surfaces and gap filling with minimal pressure 💯. Its inherent tackiness simplifies pre-assembly, ensuring a hassle-free and reliable process.

TGF-MUS-SI is a versatile solution applicable to various industries, including automotive 🚗, laptops 💻, medicine 🏥 engineering, and industrialPCs. From enhancing thermal management in SMDpackages to improving heat pipe efficiency, it proves to be a valuable asset. Explore how TGF-MUS-SI can elevate your thermal management strategies.


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All details about the silicone gap filler can be found here.


PRODUCT OF THE MONTH – January 2024 TGF-MUS-SI Gap filler Overview

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