Product of the Month October 2023

Discover the full potential of thermal management with TGF-WP-SI.

TGF-WP-SI is an electrically insulating, thermally highly conductive silicone-based Gap Filler that creates excellent thermal connections even at large distances. Height differences between electronic components or large tolerances are no longer a problem!

TGF-WP-SI is outstanding for its unique formulation with the addition of ceramic powder, which results in particularly high thermal conductivity. This means that heat is no longer accumulated, but efficiently dissipated!

TGF-WP-SI is ideal for components such as SASICs, BGAs, Through-hole-vias, capacitors and elements connected to Heatpipes. Due to its softness and pliability, TGF-WP-SI ensures optimal thermal contact even at minimal pressure. By minimizing the overall resistance of the thermal interface, this material guarantees excellent thermal performance.

And here’s the best part: the natural adhesive properties of TGF-WP-SI make preapplication a breeze.

Are you ready to discover the future of Thermalmanagement? Visit our website or call +49 7021 73141 79 to learn more about this exceptional solution.

Product of the Month October 2023

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