PDM September 2023

📢 Discover the advantages of TGL-U-NS, the solution for excellent thermal connections over long distances. 🌡️💡

TGL-U-NS is an electrically insulating, thermally conductive, high viscosity, dispensable and silicone-free form-in-place #gapfiller that provides optimal thermal management for numerous applications. It is ideal for bridging height differences between electronic components and for compensating significant tolerances. 👍

The gap filler is the ideal solution for heat dissipation in applications in the #automotive industry, #notebooks, #medicaltechnology, #industrialcomputers and many others.

The exceptional thermal conductivity of TGL-U-NS is due to its unique formulation using ceramic powder. This innovative compound also eliminates the need for additional curing processes, saving you time and resources. 💡

What makes TGL-U-NS special is its meterable, viscoplastic nature, which provides optimum thermal contact without the need to apply pressure. 😌👌

By using TGL-U-NS, you can also minimize the overall resistance of the thermal interface, thereby increasing the reliability and performance of your electronic systems. 🌟

📲 Visit our website at to learn more about TGL-U-NS and its potential applications.

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PDM September 2023

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