What drives us at HALA?

What drives us at HALA?

“Have the courage to use your own mind,” said philosopher Immanuel Kant. It’s probably his most famous quote. And above all, it’s one that applies today more than ever – also in the everyday work at HALA, because every single one of our products is a solution for which we used our minds.

On one hand, of course, in purely technical terms: Only if we ensure that our solution ultimately provides efficient thermal management, we live up to our own claim of high customer orientation. On the other hand, on the economic level: If we find a solution to a thermal problem, but it’s not economically viable, the solution we have found is not yet optimal.

Above all, however, we at HALA attach great importance to the basic humanistic idea behind everything we do. Our daily work may sometimes take place in a literally small space, but that doesn’t make it any less important. On the contrary, our products help our customers to increase the efficiency of their applications. Heat pipe systems that ensure amplifiers for 5G don’t overheat. A handful of gap fillers that dissipate heat in batteries for e-cars. Individually, these examples don’t sound like much – but our customers produce in runs of millions.

And in every single product, our components make an important contribution to implementing the EU’s Green Deal program. And to global climate protection: “Even if we improve the efficiency of an application by just one percent through our work, we are one step further in climate protection,” explains HALA Managing Director Dr. Wilhelm Pohl.

That’s what makes us proud at HALA.

That’s what drives us.

And that’s what it means for us, to use our mind.

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